Kayziran of Silver Zirask



Name: Kayziran
Pronunciation: Khay-zih-rahn
Race: Human (Pernese)
Origin: Dawn Watch AU

Age: 51
Born: Mid Winter, 201
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Craft: Master Guardsman
Rank: Silver Handler | WherCaptain



  • Play-by - Sean Bean
  • Height - 6'0"
  • Build - Solid
  • Eye Colour - Blue
  • Hair Colour - Brown

General - A tall, broad man, Kayziran

Skintone - Tanned from many turns of working outside.

Scars - Words

Hair - Brown, starting to go silver in places. Kayziran wears it long and generally tied back into a tail.

Body-Dominance - Right

Clothing - Kayziran mostly wears leathers and furs



  • Weapons
  • Whers and Firelizards


  • Flying
  • Small/Tight spaces


  • Loyal
  • Perceptive
  • Honourable


  • Independent
  • Children


  • Words

A slightly rough fellow, Kayziran

Relationships & Family

Turahdel - Wife, deceased - Kay never loved his wife, but they got along well enough, and he respected the work she put into making their life work.

K'del - Kayziran is very proud of his son


Age 0 - 201AE

  • Kayziran is the third child born to Lord Kayzel and his wife Iranvi

Age 1 - 202AE

  • Zelira is born

Age 3 - 204AE

  • Vizel is born

Age 12 - 213AE

  • Tradition dictates that extra sons of Crom become Miners. Kay isn't particularly enthused of the idea of becoming a Miner, but he goes along with the idea.

Age 14 - 215AE

  • It is quickly becoming obvious that Kay takes after his mother's side of the family and is going to be tall.
  • kay is removed from his apprenticeship with Mine Craft.

Age 16 - 217AE

  • Kayziran joins the guard

Age 17 - 218AE

  • Kay's father falls and breaks his neck.
  • Kayran is confirmed as Lord Holder and Irazel as his steward

Age 18 - 219AE

  • Kayran marries a daughter of Balan Hold, Velika
  • Kayvel is born

Age 19 - 220AE

  • Veliran is born

Age 22 - 223AE

  • Kayziran goes through with his arranged marriage with a young woman from a prosperous mine-hold.
  • Kaydel is born

Age 24 - 225AE

  • Turanzi is born

Age 26 - 227AE

  • Zirahdel is born

Age 28 - 229AE

  • A particularly nasty Winter illness passes through the hold. Though the children come out of it just fine Turahdel, who is pregnant again, passes away.

Age 30 - 231AE

  • Kay is tasked with tracking down a stolen wher egg
  • Kay finds the thieves and retrieves the egg, but it takes longer than it should
  • The wher egg hatches on the way home. The Silver Queen names herself Zirask.

Age 34 - 235AE

  • Kaydel is offered an apprenticeship, but says he wants to follow his father into the guard

Age 36 - 237AE

  • Turadel apprentices as a Healer. Kayziran pays the fees to have her sent to one of the major Halls.

Age 38 - 239AE

  • Kaydel is searched and impresses a Brown at Fort, becoming K'del
  • Zirahdel apprentices as a ?

Age 42 - 243AE

  • Is approached by the leadership of Big Bay Hold with an offer to join their wher-guard as a trainer. Kay has been thinking it might be nice to settle in one place for a while and takes up the offer.

Age 44 - 245AE

  • K'del joins the group resettling Ista Weyr

Age 51 - 252AE

  • Kayziran and Zirask move to Dawn Watch Weyr to assist with training their guard and find themselves among the first handler-pairs to settle there. By default, as the most highly trained, they become the WherCaptain.
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