Dawn Watch Hatching Ground
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Current Clutch
Purple Saniyath x Crowned Phantasos
Imperial Court x Imperial Court
Approximately 15 eggs


  • Lineage markings of Rosettes (Saniyath) or Spots (Phantasos)
  • Due to genetic alterations by Sylden and Shy, there is a higher than usual chance of Imperials with off-lineage markings.
  • Second Generation+ Imperials will have a version of their parent's special abilities. The exact nature of how the ability works for them will be noted.

Parental Abilities:
Sending - can speak to a single target regardless of distance
Extract Aspects - Gains an instinctive understanding of an opponent's strengths and weaknesses
Mystical Erudition - Possesses a photographic memory and clearly recalls everything they have heard or read.
Other - Due to alteration made by Shy and Sylden there is a small chance of Imperials with other special abilities

Current Candidates:

  • Not being updated

Upcoming Clutches
Hope Court Engineered Clutch
Gold Tirzhik


Current Clutch
n/a x n/a
n/a Eggs


  • n/a

Current Candidates:

Waiting Candidates:

Upcoming Clutches
Silver Zirask
Green Cassisk and Green Ashesk

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